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Jocko Willinck - Where have you been all my life?

I didn't know what I was getting myself into when I started listening to Tim Ferriss' podcast with Jocko. What do I have common with a Navy seal? But for some reason, I started to listen to the podcast. And then...I'm blown away. His clarity, depth, and conviction is magnetic. I need this. We need to hear this.

Leadership, discipline, detachment, human nature, the sense of duty, and it goes on. He has so much more in common to me than I realized . Thank you Mr. Ferriss for introducing such stellar individuals.

You said to stop dwelling and "attack". Well, here I am "attacking" a new blog out of thin air. I guess your philosophy works!

Just to share a few quotes from this intelligent, strong, humble man:

"Discipline over motivation"

"2 most important traits of a leader: humble and coachable"

"Addressing an issue: don't linger--attack, reassess, readjust"

#leadership #badass