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Advertising is good - Yes, it's possible.

Advertising has a bad rap. Sometimes I even wonder what I'm doing in this area. Advertising can be invasive, manipulative, and just plain noisy. BUT advertising can also be an extremely powerful tool to connect to people's heart and change their minds for the better good. Case in point--Advertising Extraordinaire Jose Miguel Sokoloff.

Open to what is possible. Jose Miguel Sokoloff, who heads a renown agency in Columbia, has been able to help bring peace to a 52-year war in Columbia--through advertising. Yes, it's possible. The Defense Ministry asked Jose Miguel for his help in demobilizing army guerillas. His agency's creative and strategic campaigns, including “Operation Christmas” in which Christmas lights were adorned on trees in the jungle of the guerilla’s territory, have had a tremendous effect, to say the least--over 14,000 guerillas have been demobilized since 2011!

Touch hearts. As he explains “Advertising is a very powerful force and it can be used carefully or carelessly. I choose to use it carefully and realize the responsibilities that you have, improving people’s everyday lives, and making the world a little bit better.”

Open to what is possible in Jose Miguel's amazing Ted Talk. We need more of this.

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