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The sheer power of primal branding

Primal is potent. Primal is about a knowing, not a choosing. Primal is something visceral that takes hold of you...not in a logical way, but in a natural, intuitive way. It is the core of human nature.

Even though we consider ourselves modern creatures of the 21st century, we are nevertheless homo sapiens with natural impulses and emotions...based on instinct.

Mr. Patrick Hanlon, Founder and CEO of Thinktopia, and author of the tantalizing book "Primal Branding" taps into how we relate to brands in a primal way and demonstrates brands as belief systems. He brings a warm, soulful aspect to branding and denotes the 7 primal codes in defining a brand. He provides a strong framework as well as descriptive examples and stories to back it up. Brilliant! Here is a synopsis, enjoy!

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