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I am a clarity seeker - human connector - positive impact instigator

Creative Branding and Marketing Strategy Consultant for Good.

Adjunct Professor at NYU Program of Integrated Digital Media teaching personal branding.

Former Chief Marketing Officer of the Advertising Research Foundation.

Founder and Host of the ClarityConnects Podcast, exploring the human essence in brands.

Co-Founder of the CoreConnect Conference, where we talk about marketing made human.

Founder and Host of the New York Branding Meetup.

Previous speaker at Google, General Assembly, Euronet, Neuehouse, etc.


Having over 20 years experience in marketing and communications in various strategy, leadership, and creative roles, I have become a true right-left brain person. I excel in clearly communicating complex ideas in simple form, while being a big picture thinker. I love exploring and creating positive impact through branding and marketing--while honoring humanity. 

I live in the beautiful crazy city of New York.

CONTACT:     |     917-548-3410   

Presentation on "The Creation story and branding" by Touseef Mirza and Brooke Vines at the CoreConnect Conference 2017.

ClarityConnects Podcast episode where I talk about "What is a brand?"

Ep2-What is a brandTouseef Mirza
00:00 / 33:22

Become clear to connect.

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