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Highlights of the CoreConnect Conference 2018

I am the Cofounder of the CoreConnect Conference, which focuses on the human element in marketing and influence for the digital age. We had a wonderful 2nd annual event this past May in New York City and I wanted to share the main takeaways from the event.

The premise of CoreConnect is based on the reality that even though we are in the digital age, it is crucial to focus on the human element FIRST and then leverage through technology to amplify our efforts and target our reach. In other words, technology, in of itself, will not solve all of our problems. In order to address this mission, CoreConnect takes a comprehensive and human approach on how to create impact in the digital age: first by connecting authentically with yourself to lead effectively; then by having a safe and nurturing environment to harness a strong and creative team; and, finally by influencing our audience in an effective way through human-centered principles.

Our esteemed speakers provided guidance on how to thrive in these overwhelming and confusing times that we live in today. Here are some of the notable takeaways:

Is digital disruption a digital distraction? Our obsessive digital efforts might actually be distracting us from the basics of implementing good ideas that can touch people's hearts and minds. Let us never forget that essentially human nature has not changed--even if we are in the digital age. Our visceral needs to survive, to succeed, to be loved have remained intact throughout time. As such, the importance of creating a brand that provides meaning, using the power of stories, and creating a brand that connects with basic human drives and emotions are still essential for a brand to thrive. -- Keith Reinhard, Chairman Emeritus of DDB, Keynote speaker.

It all starts with genuine leadership. As a leader, your organization is a reflection of who you are as a human being--everything from the good to the bad. Genuine leadership entails that you become self-aware of what you do well and also recognize the negative sides of who you are in order to strategize accordingly--being honest with yourself is crucial. There is potency in have the courage to getting in touch with our vulnerability and asking for help when needed. Also, always remember that any conversation or issue, good or bad, can be handled by communicating with grace. -- Monique Nelson, CEO, UWG

Focusing on team culture works. Corporate culture has lost its way. It’s key to realize that people who work at your organization are human beings, not just “employees”. In order to develop a harmonious team, to harness innovative ideas, and build a thriving business, an organization must create a space that is both physically and psychologically safe so that individuals can bring their best selves to work. -- Claude Silver, Chief Heart Officer, VaynerMedia

What do searches say about us humans? Google organic search analytics can reveal key behavioral trends for today's consumer in a truthful way (since we do searches without solicitation). Recent Google data show that, as a whole, human beings are becoming more curious, demanding, and impatient. First, we are curious since we search for the most mundane question (eg, how tall is George Clooney). Second, we are demanding, we expect technology to know a lot about us and assisting accordingly (eg, geo apps for current location). Finally, we are impatient in that when we decide on something, we want it to happen really quick (eg, same day shipping options). These 3 attributes have always been part of who we are, but these attributes have been amplified with the advent of technology. -- Janneke van Geuns, Head of Analytics and Insights, Google

Power to the people! Marketing, branding, and advertising, as we have known it since the past century, is dead. It is now democratized and owned by the people and pushed up to the corporations who have to take notice. This change has gradually happened since the past 10 years with the advent of the Internet, social media, and activism. In today's world, the only way that brands are going to be relevant is when they are rooted in a human truth. If a brand doesn't know it's human truth nor how to communicate its truth effectively and authentically, it's not going to resonate with their audience. We are living in a new world where brands need to re-assess not only what they create but also how they engage with their awakened customers. -- Debbie Millman, SVA & Design Matters Podcast; Noel Paasch, YouTube; Karin Soukup, Collins; Taryn Miller Stevens, DDB.

Practical social media behavioral insights. Social media data demonstrates that storytelling is still at the core of why we share content. It is to note that for 18-24 year olds, story only matters if they can participate in it (eg, by giving their opinion). In terms of gender differences, women tend to share messages that make them feel happy and look intelligent, while men primarily share content that excites them and is humurous. Finally, video is still the ultimate medium that audiences are drawn to. -- Tania Yuki, CEO, Shareablee

To view a quick 1-min video of the highlights of CoreConnect 2018, please view below. To access all speaker presentations, please click here. We hope to see you in 2019!